Connecting The World With The Otherworldly

Connecting The World With The Otherworldly

Connecting The World With The Otherworldly Connecting The World With The Otherworldly Connecting The World With The Otherworldly

Katie Jane BSc (Hons)

 Psychic Medium 

Reiki Master Angel Healer

Hypnotherapist  Crystal Healer & Animal Healer

About Me


I deliver Spirit's messages through Tarot and Angel Cards as well as provide Reiki Healing and Mentoring. psychic clairvoyant tarot reading. medium


About Me

I have been aware of spirit's presence around me for as long as I can remember. At a very young age I would feel dogs sleeping on my bed and was awakened by the feel of cats pawing my bed covers. The spirits of animals seemed to be drawn to me, quite possibly as protection and to offer comfort to me as a young child. 

I also began to experience unexplainable phenomena, such as lights turning themselves on and off and hearing footsteps walking around in the hallway although there was no one there. My clairsentient and clairaudient gifts coming forth at a very young age.

In 2001, after the breakup of my marriage and in need of a job I went to manage a public house. One night, after the pub was closed, I heard a man shout my name and again felt something getting under my feet, like a small dog although I was alone, there was no one else there with me. This became almost a daily occurrence. Spirit seemed to be desperately trying to get my attention.

In early 2003 after the sudden passing of my dearest brother Anthony, riddled with grief I went on what became a spiritual quest, desperate to connect with him once again. Within a month of his passing I was guided to join a local spiritual church's development class.

Upon joining the spiritual church's development class my gifts began to develop at a very rapid pace. 

Having always been drawn to the Tarot, I began to work with the Elementary Tarot Deck by Roberta Peters. Almost immediately I found a natural ability to read the Tarot, I began to realise spirit was channeling through me and I was being assisted by my connection to the Tarot to deliver spirit's messages. No one was more surprised than I was, when my predictions and visions began to materialize time and time again.

Soon thereafter, out of desperation, I took on a job on a phone line doing Spiritual readings assisted by my affinity to the Tarot and its guidance in helping me deliver messages to my clients.

Very quickly I began to develop a client base who would only wished to come directly to me for spiritual support and guidance which allowed me to do private sittings.

It became apparent that spirit was working through me in order to deliver messages to my clients to calm them, guide them and offer them comfort, helping them navigate difficult times and find their soul path. I soon realised spirit had chosen me as a channel to offer comfort and relief, guidance to those in need.

In 2005 I met a client who soon became a dear and trusted friend and whose support and encouragement would become integral in solidifying my spiritual path as well as my life direction. In 2006 I began my hypnotherapy studies and became a qualified practising Hypnotherapist although I never practised the profession as spirit, once again, had different plans for me. 

In 2008 I enrolled in a Psychology BSc (Honours) Degree which I successfully passed in 2012. Within this period, I dipped in and out of my readings and my spiritual work; only reading for my friends and family. Again, although I was not doing my spiritual work full time, I was pretty much amazed that time and time again I would be given validation and told that my predictions had come to pass, that my visions and messages from spirit had in fact materialized. 

In 2012, again at spirit's guidance, or maybe I should say insistence, I focused all my energy into reading and delivering spirit's messages with the help of the Tarot full time. I began to work on an international web site called Kooma where within no time I became a 5-Star Reader. 

I found that my abilities and gifts kept developing, magnifying, getting stronger and stronger. My spiritual knowledge expanded tremendously and my connection to spirit heightened to levels I never imagined possible. Soon I was rewarded by a loyal client base who solely relied on me for my Spiritual  guidance which brought me to the point where I am today, where I am blessed to be able to do private sittings and a large number of telephone readings for clients and friends from different places and walks of life.


I have been blessed by the Divine with a gift with which I can help and comfort others and I am very grateful.

We may have many plans for ourselves, but I have come to understand that God and spirit have plans of their own and they will guide us, and often push us, until we need their guidance and follow our soul's path.

May God bless and guide you always. 



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