Katie Jane is just amazing. Got the prediction of the new man in my life to a T. No other reader has been as clear. If you're lucky enough to get a reading you won't be disappointed. Thank you Katie ❤️

-Lisa xxxxxxx

Couldn't speak any higher of this amazing lady. Had many readings over the last year,always very consistent and speaking to the lovely Katie Jane.been such a massive help :) can't thank you enough,for being there for me. Very special lady

- L .W

Katie Jane, I just want to say thank you! I got the job and they contacted me just as you said. You are wonderful! I wanted to update you. I will be going home soon. As for the man in my life, that is coming along well too and we are making plans to moving forward together and I couldn't be happier! 

I have been having readings with Katie Jane for a while. She predicted sometime ago that I would secure a job in a particular team although at the time I was working elsewhere. However the timing for this came and went but I still kept faith as I know timings are difficult. Well Katie Jane it's come true just as you said! Thank you so much! I look forward to the rest of your predictions unfolding in their own time. Love and light. Annette xxx 

Katie Jane's reading was very good in terms of understanding the people, the situations the feelings and motivations with no prompting from me and she asked no questions. Some good predictions which seem balanced not all rosie but I hope all will come to fruition. I will update as things unfold. 

Katie, thank you so much for the reading today. You eased my anxieties and calmed me down again after I have been feeling so on edge about everything. I truly appreciate you. You see everything so accurately and provide so much information and your predictions are in line with Sally's and Geri's. I will take your advice about who I read with so it will cut back my confusion. Thank you once again. 

Katie Jane is AMAZING!!! Words can't describe this ladies talent. Picks up situations without prompt. Definitely deserves 5 stars...!!! Massive thanks xx xx. 

I have spent a lot of money on this site on readers who I thought were good, and while i don't want to take that away from them. Katie Jane for me has hands down proven to be the best so much accurate information given. She has been absolutely spot on about my relationship without any prompting or information given by me until I confirmed she was correct. She picked up on my bf his employment status that he works for himself, she also picked up on moving which is something we have talked about doing and also picking up living outside of London near Euston station which is where I have been recently looking at places to live near to. I currently live in the north East no way could she know that I was looking to move that far away. I was gobsmacked this is a good sign for me and I know now that it is where we are meant to be together. I am looking forward to her predictions for the future over this next year and into 2015 materialising. Thank you and Love and Light to you Katie Jane [😊] x 

I would like take the opportunity to thank you. I've had a lovely reading with you. You were able to give me good insight. You were precise and correct with my situation and described my ex very well. I've had a lovely chat. Thank you for listening to me. You've helped me alot and gave me some hope of positiveness. I hope your predictions unfold as predicted as same as other readers. Please try Kate. She has a lot to say. It just flows. You don't need to ask any questions. Thank you xxxx 

 Hi Katie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking my call so late last night. You are a wonderfully, talented reader and one of the best. and trust me I've tried most of them. The book I was talking about is I LISTENED TO MY HEART. I'll be in touch soon with an update as predictions unfold. Once again, thank you so Katie. RLG  

 I have had many readings with Katie Jane and she is fantastic. KJ has given me many predictions which have come true in the timescale specified. I am a reader and so quite fussy. If you want a fantastic reading with an accurate reader then choose KJ. Thanks Jude 

 Had another reading with Katie. It is difficult to get her on the line because she is so much in demand but the wait is so worth it. She is wonderful and so supportive in how she comes across in her readings. She has such a positive view of presenting the information given that it gives you hope. She is gifted and tunes in very quickly. Her predictions fall in line with what others have said.