Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is a British Black Short Haired Tabby with a gentle and loving soul.  He is a fine example of an Earth Angel with an uncanny sense of knowing.

He will share photos of his friends Gerri, Velvet Mouse, Tilly and Vicki and the fabulous Labradors Pippa and the unforgettable Bessie, which now rests with the angels.

Mr. Whiskers will give you wisdom via Whiskers Wisdom.

He also welcomes anyone who is willing to share their animal stories in the visitors page.

Come visit Mr. Whiskers and share in his wisdom and loving nature.  

Mr. Whiskers | Facebook

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Atelier Emme Jewelry Collection


Atelier Emme features unique and beautiful hand made jewelry crafted by my friend, Mari Diaz. Mari came to me for spiritual guidance a few years ago, a bond and a friendship quickly evolved as we touched and affected one another's lives in very special ways.   Mari designs and creates her jewelry using natural precious and semi precious stones, cleansed and blessed to maximise their healing properties, all unique pieces charged with love and positive energy.  Mari's purpose in creating her jewelry as well as her other artwork is to spread love, light and positivity.  A firm believer in God, with deep rooted faith in all that is good, by purchasing one of her pieces you will certainly bring positive and love energy into your life.

Atelier Emme

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Web Design by Lisa

I was blessed enough to meet Lisa through my dear friend Mari who recommended me to Lisa.  Again, as with all kindred spirits an affinity developed.      In a beautiful gesture, Lisa offered to create this beautiful webpage for me.  I am astounded and impressed with Lisa's dedication and selfnessness.  Her hard work and attention to detail is visible on every aspect of my beautiful new webpage. 

Lisa's generosity of heart and spirit in creating this channel for me will enable me to reach many who seek spiritual guidance and comfort.  Lisa is extremely professional, dependable and caring and you will be ensured to receive the utmost attention and care in the development of your webpage. 


I highly recommend Lisa and her webpage development and design skills, you will not be disappointed.  You will have a webpage which is a true reflection of you and your business which will surpsede any vision you may have.  I recommend and hold Lisa with trust of the highest regard.  

 You may contact Lisa at